Popcorn Machine

Popcorn popper capable of producing 40 to 45 kilogram servings per hour! This popcorn machine creates 50 kilogram servings per hour for maximum output, and its durable frame helps ensure long-lasting product life. The side windows allow for a full view of the interior without sacrificing strength, and the nonstick plated kettle is designed to easily tilt to one side so you can easily dump your finished popcorn to the bottom of the machine. The floor is aerated to help get rid of kernels and smaller pieces of popcorn, and its built-in warming deck ensures your popcorn stays hot even after it’s finished

Key benefits of commercial popcorn making machine Advanced heating system equipped with high heating efficiency. Automatic rotating corn inside the Kettle through separate motor Low power, low running cost, less machine maintenance.

Strong adaptability, excellent products quality. High automation degree and labor-saving.

Operating Principle of Popcorn Making machine The efficient production of popcorn requires the presence of popcorn kernels, heat, and oil. The purpose of the oil is to distribute the heat throughout kernels evenly and quickly. If the heat is not distributed evenly and quickly, the kernels may burn instead of pop. The kettle is provided with an agitator to assist in the quick and even distribution of heat throughout the kernels. The oil is heated to high temperatures in a kettle provided with gas heating elements to reach proper popping temperature. An operator is required in the vicinity of the kettle only when handling corn or dumping popped corn from the kettle. Neither of these operations requires direct contact with the kettle. Direct contact with the hot oil, kettle, or heating elements could result in serious burns or scalds. Keep away from the kettle whenever possible. Use the handle / pneumatic system when dumping the kettle. As the popcorn pops, it will push the lid open. When the corn finishes popping, lift up the kettle by a handle or pneumatic system as per your selected model to dump the kettle.